Boy Recovers From Cancer And Dances To Michael Jackson

January 16th, 2019

Despite many advances in modern medicine, cancer remains the second highest cause of death worldwide.

Though many of us take pains to live as healthily as possible, cancer is a sneaky disease with many different causes and many different pathways in the body. Though certain forms may become more likely as we get older, the truth is that cancer is a disease that strike at virtually any age. Despite how dangerous the disease can be, it’s a testament to the human spirit that there exist so many groups to help fund research towards a cure—and that individual cancer patients still find the strength to stay so positive.

Today’s story is about both of those phenomena.

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The story takes place in Seattle Children’s Hospital in Seattle, Washington.

While there are researchers all over the world making strides towards better treatments for cancer, the Seattle Children’s Hospital is working particularly hard with their Strong Against Cancer campaign. Generally speaking, the program is organized around a new form of immunotherapy which draws a patient’s own blood, reprograms the blood’s T cells to fight cancer cells and re-introduces the blood back into the patient. Once the cells are there, they can multiply and destroy the rest of the cancer without hurting the body’s other cells.

Still, the team is still trying to raise awareness and funding for new research and therapies.

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To prove that their methods are effective, the hospital has taken to showing off some of their healthy patients on the internet.

One of these adorable patients is Solomon Haufano, a five-year-old boy who received treatment at the hospital for a desmoplastic small round cell tumor, a cancer that affects the belly. Though the little guy had always been a fan of pop music, he had only recently gotten into Michael Jackson. After going through the hospital’s immunotherapy regimen, he found himself back in full spirits.

Needless to say, it was important to celebrate!

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To celebrate, Solomon decided to do some singing and dancing along to Michael Jackson’s “Billie Jean”—and the video is so adorable.

Though the video still takes place in a hospital room, it’s clear that Solomon couldn’t be happier! In his fuzzy pajamas complete with a white glove on one hand, he sings and dances to the King of Pop… and we have to say, we’re pretty impressed by his moves. Michael Jackson was known to be an incredibly precise and charismatic dancer but Solomon is definitely giving him a run for his money in this clip.

To spread Solomon’s beautiful story even further, Strong Against Cancer posted the video on their Facebook page.

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So far, the clip has earned itself some four million views and has attracted plenty of attention.

While the latest clip is the one that’s garnered the most attention, Solomon has a whole series of dancing videos available on the internet. All of that is thanks to his mother, Leni Lutui, who filmed Solomon’s performances throughout his recovery. “He was getting bored with the usual puzzles and doodling and playing video games,” Lutui said in an interview with People. “Like any other kid, he would watch YouTube videos and that’s when my sister introduced Michael Jackson to him.”

Before long, Solomon was imitating all of Jackson’s dance moves—in one clip, he can be seen dancing to “Beat It.”

When you make counts and get ready for another round of chemotherapy treatment.💪🏽 #MoneStrong #OurFighter

Posted by Leni Lutui on Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Although he’s still attached to hospital wires in the clip, he doesn’t let them stop him from busting a move!

Obviously, Solomon is a huge fan of Michael Jackson in general. If the above clips didn’t convince you, maybe this video of him dancing to “Bad” while wearing a Spiderman outfit will do the trick!

Michael is in the buildin 😊 how we knock out first day of chemo 💪🏽

Posted by Leni Lutui on Thursday, September 13, 2018

Everyone is so grateful that Solomon was able to make a full recovery with the help of the Seattle Children’s Hospital—but much of it has to do with Solomon’s spirit!

Battling cancer at any age can be very difficult. Still, for a five-year-old it can be especially challenging. Despite their fears, Solomon and his mother both stayed brave and kept up hope throughout the illness. For Solomon’s part, he poured all of his energy and enthusiasm into his dance performances to share with the world. As it turns out, all the effort on behalf of the doctors and Solomon’s family paid off!

Congratulations to Solomon on his recovery and keep up all the amazing dancing! Check out the full original clip below:

#StrongAgainstCancer Solomon Finishes Cancer Treatment

We're SO happy about this news coming from #StrongAgainstCancer HQ at Seattle Children's: Solomon finished cancer treatment! To celebrate, he rang in the new year in the perfect way – with his favorite Michael Jackson dance moves.

Posted by Strong Against Cancer on Thursday, January 3, 2019

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