Dad and sons Frank Sinatra performance in the car gets 26 million views
I can't get enough of these two! 😍
Ma Fatima Garcia

We have lots of upbeat, cool, and promising songs, but the classics are timeless.

Do you love songs from Frank Sinatra?

Kids nowadays might not be familiar with this legend, but his songs are still alive and loved by many.

Pexels / Phil
Pexels / Phil

Just like this father and son who sang “Me and My Shadow”, a song by Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.

When you first see the video, you would think it’s such an adorable video of a father and son bonding, and that’s it.

Though, as you listen to this duo sing, you would understand why their video got more than 2M views.

Pexels / Andrea
Pexels / Andrea

The dash-cam footage that was taken shows Matt Clayton and his cute son, Archie, from Faversham, singing a shockingly impressive rendition of Sinatra’s Me and My Shadow.

A 6-year-old boy who knows how to sing a Sinatra song? Now, you don’t see that every day.

YouTube Screenshot / Clayton Branchett
YouTube Screenshot / Clayton Branchett

Matt had always loved singing, though he’s working as a sales agent, he also sings in a swing band named “Our Way.”

He also has side gigs and performs with the Dover Operatic and Dramatic Society, and other events where he could showcase his talent.

He also hopes Archie might also love music and could follow in his footsteps.

Archie was used to hearing Sinatra and other beautiful songs in their home since he was little, so it’s not surprising for him to harbor the same love for music.

YouTube Screenshot / Clayton Branchett
YouTube Screenshot / Clayton Branchett

In an interview with Kent Online, Matt shared that singing is one form of bonding for him and his son.

“Whenever we are in the car, we are always singing along, and Frank Sinatra is Archie’s favourite.”

Matt couldn’t be more proud, and of course, he supports his son’s passion and sings with him.

How sweet is that?

“He now knows all the words, and it is always such a pleasure to sing with him.

Surely, Archie will never forget all the moments that he and his dad sang in the car.

It’s the memories that count, especially for little boys like him.

“I hope that Archie might carry on with his singing, just as long as he isn’t a competition for my band,” Matt continued.

Music is an art and seeing your child showing potential will make any parent proud and happy.

Matt and his wife, Gemma, reside in Hazebrouck Road, Faversham with their two kids, Archie and Rupert.

It’s not surprising that their kids love music.

The children’s grandfather is a professional actor and their mother, Gemma, is a pianist.

When Kent Online asked Archie about his love for music and the song, he replied:

“I really like Frank Sinatra. There are no other singers I like as much. I like his voice a lot, and I love singing along, but I think my dad is probably a better singer than me.”

Archie definitely did a great job, and he has dreams.

We are all excited to see him and his little brother perform on stage as well.

Watch their adorable duet in the video below!

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By Ma Fatima Garcia
Ma Fatima Garcia is a contributor at SBLY Media.