Daddy-daughter duo sings "Senorita"

September 16th, 2019

If you haven’t heard about the daddy-daughter duo named Nick and Sienna Casas – you’ve been missing out on the cutest family ‘band’ on the planet.

Recently, Nick, 27, uploaded a video to Instagram singing Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s hit single, “Señorita, “alongside his very adorable 4-year-old daughter Sienna. Not only did the video end up going viral – it caught the attention of the two musical artists themselves!

Mendes couldn’t stand the cuteness of the father-daughter cover and had to share it with his fan base. After sharing the video on Twitter, it was viewed over 22 million times! Then, Cabello too shared the video to her millions of followers with the caption, “What a princess, what a smile!!!!! Watching you guys together made me melt!!!! love you guys.”

Nick Casas was absolutely floored when he heard that the two pop stars had reshared their video – he happened to be walking through Sears at the time.

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“I jumped on there and checked it real quick, and we freaked out in the middle of the store, going down the escalator. And then I called my mom too,” Nick told “Good Morning America.”

It was one of Nick and Sienna’s millions of followers that had informed him about the huge shout-out. Nick says that they’ve been huge fans of both the stars, so it really meant a lot to them that they were noticed by them.

“Sienna’s a little younger, so the best way to explain it for her is she likes the music more than she likes the artist right now,” he said. “Just because that’s what really connects to her.”

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“When she gets older, she’ll be able to understand who they are and where they came from and what they’ve done,” he added.

Nick says that every day he sees the view count rise on the videos, it simply blows his mind.

Now, with their new-found fame, the daddy-daughter musical duo has started to get more and more attention from other artists and celebrities as well. In fact, The Jonas Brothers shared Casas Family’s cover of “Burnin It Up.”

“Obviously I’ve been singing my whole life, but she just sings all the time on her own too so we’ll sing and make random videos together,” Nick went on to say.

Not only does Nick enjoy playing music, but he also loves the bonding experience it brings for him and his daughter.

The father and daughter first realized that they had a fan club when they began uploading music videos to the popular social music app TikTok in 2018. Nick loves getting messages from their admirers, oftentimes telling him how great it is to spend so much quality time with his daughter. In fact, that’s why they keep doing it!

Since Sienna is still so young, she really doesn’t quite grasp how popular she’s become. She just loves to sing with her dad! Maybe in a few years, she’ll finally see how much of an impact she’s made out there!

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Another celebrity that thought the video was out-of-this-world adorable is famous talk show host Ellen Degeneres.

Since millions of people can’t take their eyes of this precious pair, Ellen thought that it was only natural she should invite them on their show to perform for a live TV audience. And that performance? Even cuter than the original!

Watch their appearance on Ellen below – which video was your favorite?

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