Itty bitty girl in red spots street performer and can’t resist the urge to dance with him

March 23rd, 2021

If you had a beautiful voice or could play a musical instrument exceptionally, would you rather perform in concerts or would you try making a living as a street artist?

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For many talented people out there, being on TV or performing in theaters is their dream, but there are others who just enjoy the amazing atmosphere and the unique experience that street art can offer.

Borja Catanesi is a musician from Valencia, Spain. He’s 26 years old today, but he started busking when he was just 17.

The young man plays the piano and the guitar, and when he was still at school, he used to play in various bands. Yet, this was not enough for him, so he decided to become a street musician.

“I discovered a new world of performing and sharing my music, without a stage in between. People liked what I did and it´s a direct form of connecting with the public,” he explains.

Since then, he never stopped busking. On the contrary, he tried to become better and better at what he does, and in 2015 he won the street musicians competition ´Feeling The Street´, an international competition for street musicians held by car manufacturer Toyota.

He also won the “Universal Street Games” held in Minnesota, USA, back in 2018.

Catanesi has been travelling all over Europe singing- Spain, France, Holland, Germany, Italy, Austria, and more- while he has also been in New Zealand and India.

In 2018, thanks to the contributions he received online, he raised enough money to record his first album, Road Echoes.

'Road Echoes' – Borja Catanesi. Ilustración: Illustravel

Posted by Borja Catanesi onWednesday, September 26, 2018

In 2019, he created a YouTube channel, where he uploads material from his street performances, and they usually involve a “guest star”, aka a member of the audience who stands out and does something special while Borja is playing the guitar.

For instance, one of the videos features an elderly man who dances to his music, an improvisation with a random singer, a woman “grooving from her wheelchair”, and many more.

Yet, the most popular ones are those that have to do with kids reacting to Catanesi’s performances.

Like a little girl dancing Despacito, or a boy who is reacting to SpongeBob song. Or the one below, a little girl dancing to Catanesi’s music.

In the video he uploaded last November, we can see Catanesi performing in the streets of Nijmegen, the Netherlands.

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YouTube via Borja Catanesi Source: YouTube via Borja Catanesi

The little girl, who is wearing a cute red jacket, must be approximately 2 years old, and she’s already feeling the rhythm.

We can see her do her unique dance, following the rhythm of Catanesi’s guitar. The man is also excited when he realizes she’s dancing to his music. So, he encourages her to keep dancing with his moves.

The duo does the unique “dance”, and it actually seems as if Catanesi keeps playing the same thing over and over just for the girl to enjoy.

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YouTube via Borja Catanesi Source: YouTube via Borja Catanesi

Some of the people passing by, pause for a moment to watch the special performance, and, even if they don’t, we bet that it caught their eye.

The video in question has gone viral since it was uploaded, with more than half a million views and almost 8k upvotes.

“Imagine the whole world acted like this kid. The world would be a beautiful place,” someone wrote, and indeed, wouldn’t it?

Head over to the video below to enjoy the little girl’s dance.

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