Men's Adele Mashup Catches Her Attention In Big Way

May 7th, 2019

Ronan Scolard and Glenn Murphy have been great friends for many years. In fact, they aren’t only friends – but they’re musical partners as well. They enjoy making songs together that make people smile and feel good.

One recent project that they performed together ended up taking the internet by storm and caught the attention of a couple of giant stars.

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The two men from Ireland wanted to create their own Adele cover using four of her popular songs to make a “mashup” which is when you take two or more songs and combine them into one piece. When Ronan and Glenn start in with their impressive cover, it’s hard not to immediately feel goosebumps.

Just a couple of days before Adele was going to perform a concert in Ireland, the two men wanted to welcome her to their home country by releasing the gorgeously performed mashup. They were excited to see her perform live in just two days, so they figured this was the perfect way to honor her appearance.

They had no idea the video would end up going viral – and they also had no idea that Adele herself would end up watching it.

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Within just a few hours of posting the video, Ronan and Glenn were shocked to see that it had already garnered thousands of views. When you watch and hear their musical abilities, it’s easy to see why people were so enthralled with them.

Here’s the video that had people all over the globe swooning over their talent. It’s now been viewed nearly 3 million times.

Incredible, right? With a performance like that, it was impossible for the musical duo not to start turning some heads. When the two men went to the Adele concert just a couple of days after uploading their video, they had no idea what was about to happen.

While attending the Adele concert two nights after uploading the video, they were in for a surprise of a lifetime when Adele announced that she had seen the video and was thoroughly impressed.

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Nearly anyone would be overwhelmed with joy knowing that your favorite artist knows who you are – and she even took things a step further by inviting the two men on stage to sing with her.

Take a look at the moment that they were able to join the famous pop star on stage for a performance that they’ll surely never forget. This particular video has been viewed now almost 7 million times.

Adele fans everywhere were so proud of these guys! And admittedly a little jealous too. But with talent like that, it’s so amazing that they’ve gotten all the attention that they rightfully deserve.

The surprises didn’t stop there. After Adele invited Ronan and Glenn on stage, Ellen Degeneres wanted to speak with the guys and invited them on her show!

The two best friend musicians have been overwhelmed by all of the support and attention they’ve received. Not many people get to say that they’ve not only created a viral hit, but were also able to perform with their favorite star not once – but twice!

Check out the Irish friend’s appearance on the Ellen show and see why the world has continued to fall in love with them!

The visit on the set of Ellen can be viewed below. Congrats, guys! The attention and praise are all very much deserved!

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