Nervous girl gets handed mic by Michael Bublé, brings house down with her smooth vocals

March 7th, 2019

Michael Bublé is a world-famous jazz artist with a voice that’s reminiscent of the prominent artists of old.

But at his February 20 concert in Madison Square Garden, Bublé’s voice wasn’t the only one that blew everyone away.

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Facebook/Allie Bellucci Source: Facebook/Allie Bellucci

Bublé occasionally goes into the audience for his concerts and invites attendees to give a performance of their own.

This time, he approached a young woman named Erin Bellucci and asked what her favorite shower song was.

Sitting on the edge of the stage, Bublé chatted with Bellucci for a few minutes.

She was clearly overwhelmed with excitement to be talking to the Canadian singer but managed to tell him that her favorite was Etta James’ “At Last.”

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Facebook/Allie Bellucci Source: Facebook/Allie Bellucci

It was her sister Allison that encouraged Bublé to give Bellucci her shot.

“Sing it now!” called Allison Bellucci. “Ask her to sing it!”

Bublé was game for a guest performer. He asked the sound techs to cue up the music and handed the microphone to Bellucci. As the music swelled, Bellucci spun around to look at her sister, feeling overwhelmed and frightened. She almost looked as though she was about to make a run for it.

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Facebook/Allie Bellucci Source: Facebook/Allie Bellucci

But she didn’t.

Instead, Bellucci took the microphone and belted out the classic song with a talent that made Bublé’s jaw drop.

The audience burst into screams of excitement as Bellucci gave a performance that was on par with many professionals. She kept her eyes on Bublé the whole time. Meanwhile, he looked blown away by her unexpected singing ability.

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Facebook/Allie Bellulcci Source: Facebook/Allie Bellulcci

Performing in Madison Square Garden is a huge accomplishment for any musician but Erin Bellucci did it for one of her very first performances.

As she sang, Bublé could hardly contain his excitement. At different moments he grinned, gasped, and even bounced excitedly in place. When Bellucci handed the microphone back to him, Bublé couldn’t stop gushing.

“Ladies and gentlemen, your next American Idol!” joked Bublé. “That was beautiful! That was so beautiful! That may not be your last time here. That was incredible. TOO incredible, if you ask me.”

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Facebook/Allie Bellucci Source: Facebook/Allie Bellucci

And he wanted everyone to know exactly how amazing that coincidence was.

“You know what, this is the truth,” Bublé added. “Don’t think this is some set-up thing. It’s not set up. There is real horror in her face. I never know what’s gonna happen. Some nights that doesn’t happen.”Even after the focus was off of her, Bellucci seemed overwhelmed by the experience. And no one can blame her — she had just performed in front of thousands of people and one of the most popular singers in the world.

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Facebook/Allie Bellucci Source: Facebook/Allie Bellucci

But Bellucci actually isn’t a stranger to the spotlight.

In fact, she studied music at the University of Delaware. Since February 20, she has continued to attract attention, even giving a repeat performance for Insider Edition.

She may not have thanked her sister at that moment, but now, thousands of people have heard Bellucci’s powerful voice. Bublé may very well be right — perhaps she’ll return to Madison Square Garden one day, this time on the stage.

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