If there’s one thing movie makers love to do, it’s to play games with the viewers. They love to add Easter Eggs to the movie, create suspense, and to even put little extras or quick glimpses in movies that will only make the most active viewers stop and want to rewind. They want the user to think, “Wait, what did I just see?” And I don’t think any of them blame them! There’s more to movies than just the plot, and this is a creative way to reward viewers for taking the time to watch the movie.

When these things happen in theaters, it makes you want to watch the movie again. Thankfully, movies nowadays are released on streaming platforms and on DVD/Blu-Ray pretty quickly. This allows us to watch those specific scenes in movies (sometimes over and over again!) to see if we really saw what we saw. In fact, some of these Easter Eggs and iconic scenes in movies have become the most paused movie moments in film history!

What’s your favorite movie moment to pause? Is it that one Margot Robbie scene in The Wolf of Wall Street? Did you see E.T. in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace? Or maybe it’s the singer Jimmy Buffet’s cameo in Jurassic World as he runs away from dinosaurs? If you’re a Marvel fan, did you notice all those times Stan Lee appeared in the film? Which of these most paused movie moments do you think is the best?

Let’s see if you remember these scenes!