Man Plans Huge Proposal To 'Ain't No Mountain High Enough'

January 2nd, 2019

As I approach my thirties, it seems like everyone I know is getting engaged. It’s a huge step to take, and everyone envisions the big moment happening differently.

Some folks like to keep it small and intimate, sharing a quiet moment together that will be a memory that only they will have together.

Others like to make a big hoopla over it, involving tons of family and friends, sometimes even strangers, in a whole big ordeal. These big engagements take months of secret planning, tip-toeing behind the other’s back to make the moment a big surprise.

When one man named Oli wanted to propose to the woman of his dreams, he pulled out all the stops, including a full-on disguise.

Oli rented out an entire restaurant for the evening and packed it full of actors. As his girlfriend made her way into the restaurant for a dinner out with friends, she didn’t even notice the love of her life posing as a waiter. That’s probably due to the fact that he’s got a hideous disguise on his face!

She doesn’t even notice it’s him when he dumps a pitcher of ice water onto her table, completely missing the glass and even getting some of it on her lap.

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She’s definitely not pleased at this moment, but she has no idea what was in store for her in just a few short minutes!

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As a different waiter brings her some napkins to clean up the mess, a musician appears with a guitar, and the waiter starts to sing “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” to her. At this point, she’s purely confused, and still isn’t sure if any of this has anything to do with her specifically!

Then, as more and more of the restaurant-goers stand up and join in on the song, you can see the wheels turning rapidly in her head, and she begins to wonder if her boyfriend is going to appear at any point.

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Through all of this, Oli is nowhere to be seen. He’s busy in the background somewhere getting the giant latex nose off of his face and the grey hair and beard off! He doesn’t want to be wearing that disguise when he asks the woman he loves to spend the rest of their lives together.

Soon enough, here comes Oli with his own face, ready to pop the big question.

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Every one of the actors that Oli has hired has such a lovely singing voice, and the song is absolutely beautiful. However, the short speech that he gives to his love is even more beautiful.

You can tell that the bond these two shares is so strong. The look in his eyes as he’s speaking to her is one of pure sincerity. There’s no denying that these two were clearly made for each other.

Have you ever witnessed anything like this in person before? It must be such a great thing to see true love in action like this.

Oli really nailed it with this flash mob proposal, don’t you think so? All of the sneaking around and the time and money spent on this was totally worth it.

I hope that these two are able to share a life full of love and happiness! They truly deserve the best.

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