This Woman Did Incredible Karaoke At Sam's Club

December 12th, 2018

Typically speaking, taking a trip to the grocery store is one of the least exciting things we do in life.

There are plenty of daily routines that all families have to accomplish just to make sure that life runs smoothly. Beyond simple grocery shopping, there’s doing the chores around the house, going to parent-teacher meetings, cooking and cleaning. In all of this dry daily activity, it’s easy to lose sight of the opportunities right in front of us to make life a little more fun.

Fortunately, the woman in this story seized one of those opportunities.


It all started when Christina Kokonis-Viggers and her friend Amanda Lasher were going shopping at Sam’s Club.

In the midst of all the normal business, they stopped when they saw a karaoke machine. To have a little fun, Kokonis-Viggers decided to do a little impromptu karaoke while Lasher filmed the whole thing. After hooking her phone up to the machine and selecting “Maybe This Time” from Cabaret, she set into her performance.

Still, nobody was prepared for what happened next.


Kokonis-Viggers sang her heart out as all kinds of passersby looked on.

When the show was over, Lasher had captured the entire thing on her camera—and was ready to share it with the world. Still, Kokonis-Viggers asked her friend not to post the video on Facebook. Although the moment between them had been fun, she was a little self-conscious about posting it online for the entire world to see. Eventually, she relented and Lasher loaded the video up.

Within eight hours of uploading the video, it had already climbed to more than eight million views!


As of now, the clip has more than 15 million views and has been covered by many different major news outlets.

Although she didn’t expect the clip to get the overwhelming reception that it has, Kokonis-Viggers is definitely grateful for all her new fans. Beyond that, she’s also looking to capitalize on this newfound attention. After the clip was posted on Facebook, she started getting all kinds of calls from local radio stations, talent agents and even representatives from America’s Got Talent!

Although she didn’t go on their show, she did make her television debut on The Steve Harvey Show.

After another introduction, she sang “Don’t Rain On My Parade” by Barbara Streisand.

Needless to say, the audience loved her performance—and she has no plans of stopping when it comes to following her dream. After all her viral success, she also made her own Facebook page and YouTube channel, each called Diva in the Making. So far, her Facebook page has more than 12,000 followers and is still growing.

Still, her YouTube channel also has all kinds of other performance videos that are worth checking out!

Though the channel is still growing, her video covering Madonna’s “Express Yourself” shows her range.

Just like the original song, Kokonis-Viggers gives it all kinds of sassiness and energy—Madonna would definitely be proud. Still, that’s not the only Madonna song that she’s covered. There’s also the more understated “Take a Bow,” which she also performs to great effect. Though there are plenty of other songs on her page, these are the only two with video of the performances as well.

Still, we’re waiting for many more videos!

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YouTube Screenshot Source: YouTube Screenshot

Through just a happy accident while grocery shopping, Kokonis-Viggers is well on her way to being a professional singer!

As stories like this show, it’s important for us to remain open to all the possibilities that life has to offer. Though it’s easy to get bogged down in the mundane details of life, opening up to the world and having a little fun here and there can lead to unexpected (and inspiring) consequences. If Kokonis-Viggers hadn’t decided to sing that day, who knows where she would be now? And what would’ve happened if her friend hadn’t convinced her to put the video online? Needless to say, her story is heart-warming and inspiring—just like her incredible singing voice.

Congratulations on your newfound stardom, Christina!

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