Spiderman And Stormtrooper Have Hilarious Dance-Off

January 16th, 2019

Community get-togethers are such a great way to make memories with family, friends, and loved ones.

I remember holiday parades in my hometowns with great fondness. It was always so fun to see the bands and the floats go by and to see all the characters dressed up in holiday-appropriate garb.

Block parties are also so much fun for kids and adults alike. Children get to spend time outside with the fellow kids in their neighborhood, eating yummy snacks and taking in the festivities. Adults get a chance to catch up with fellow grown-ups while all the kids frolic about.

What makes any kind of community function better?

Well, a dance battle of course.

Watching super talented dancers engage in a lighthearted battle of fancy footwork is always a gas. It’s like any other competition – you get attached to your favorite, and rooting for them to take home the prize is a great way to engage in a little bit of healthy rivalry.

This dance battle is a little different than most.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
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The dancers are certainly talented, but you can’t see either of their actual faces. Well, that is unless of course, you believe that they’re the real Spiderman and Stormtrooper!

I highly doubt that Darth Vader would be happy if he saw the way this storm trooper is shaking his or her booty! Whoever is inside of that suit has really got some fierce moves, to say the least.

Spidey, on the other hand, is a much more traditional break dancer. The way he’s able to hold up his whole body weight with one arm for an extended period of time is truly impressive. Plus, he makes it look easy! Have you ever tried to hold yourself up with just one hand? Holding yourself up with both hands is impossible enough!

swiggle1 dot pattern2
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When these two go up against each other, children and adults alike absolutely eat it up.

swiggle1 dot pattern2
YouTube Source: YouTube

Look at the amount of cameras that go up to record the whole thing! This is something that folks want to look fondly back upon for a long time. Each time they pull up the video, they’ll have themself a good laugh remembering what a fun day this was, full of childlike wonder!

It’s a hard call when it comes to deciding who won this battle. They both have such different styles! Which is your favorite, the sassy stormtrooper, or the Spiderman with the classic breakdancing moves?

The YouTube commenters seem to have a favorite, saying,

“Everybody knows Spiderman is the winner.”

Do you agree?

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[Source: YouTube]