How celebs and Grease stars like Stockard Channing are paying tribute to Olivia Newton-John
Since Olivia's death, her loved ones and co-stars have been honoring her in a big way.
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The closest thing we have to “living forever” is how we are remembered.

Fans worldwide celebrated the life of one of the most iconic stars of the 70s. Dame Olivia Newton-John AC DBE passed away last August 8.

In a statement posted via her Instagram account, her family shared that she passed away peacefully in Southern California and was surrounded by loved ones – friends and family.

And while she made her own mark in history, actors also shared their love for her.

Newton-John was catapulted into fame when she co-starred with the dashing John Travolta in “Grease”. The actor posted a moving message on his Instagram account.

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“You made all of our lives so much better. Your impact was incredible. I love you so much.” He said and signed it with, “Yours from the first moment I saw you and forever!”

Travolta played “Danny” alongside Newton-John’s “Sandy”

Other artists and celebrities also shared their unforgettable moments with Newton-John.

Oprah Winfrey recalled her spontaneous dinner with her. She said that Newton-John’s positivity was infectious. Dionne Warwick, meanwhile, shared that her “dear friend” was one of the nicest people she worked with.

Mariah Carey took the opportunity to thank her long-time role model. She said she has been a fan since “I Honestly Love You” and became “obsessed” with the actress after Grease.

The singers shared the stage at a concert in Melbourne to which Carey said, “This is a moment I will never ever forget”. She also added that Newton-John was one of the kindest, most generous, and lovely people she has ever met.

Her daughter also shared a moving tribute.

“You are my lighthouse mama. My safe place. My heart space. It has been my honor and continues to be my honor to be your baby and best friend.” She shared.

The video she posted showed her and her mother singing “Window in the Wall”.

Newton-John’s impact wasn’t only felt on stage and on camera.

Australian Prime Minister Anthony Albanese tweeted his tribute and said “From the moment we saw her, she was a warm, enduring presence and her voice became a big part of the Australian soundtrack.”

The premier of Victoria, Dan Andrews, also said that Newton-John gave the world her music and movies. However, it wasn’t the only thing that people celebrated her for.

Newton-John passed away after her long battle with cancer.

She was first diagnosed in 1992 after her father died of cancer. Since then, she has undergone several different treatments.

This also started her advocacy for people fighting the illness. The ONJ Center said that Newton-John’s dream was for the organization to support people undergoing the same battles but through wellness therapies.

Newton-John’s career started in the 70s.

She was already a popular singer but became a global icon after starring in Grease. Her rendition of Sandy, a wholesome Australian transfer student, became so well-loved.

Newton-John said in an interview with CNN that she felt lucky to be part of a movie that was still talked about after 40 or so years.

In 1980, she had another opportunity to make her name bigger when she starred in the musical fantasy film Xanadu. And while the movie was panned by critics, the soundtrack of the movie enjoyed huge commercial success.

However she’s remembered, we can all agree that she is indeed one of the queens of the 70s.

Newton-John has sold over a hundred million albums worldwide and has won four Grammy Awards.

“I love to sing, it’s all I know how to do,” the singer told CNN in 2017. “That’s all I’ve ever done since I was 15, so it’s my life. I feel very grateful that I can still do it and people still come to see me.”

Learn more in the video below.

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