Laila Ali Revealed As The Panda on The Masked Singer

October 3rd, 2019

Thank God it is finally fall, because that means TV is back and our DVR is piling up with shows to watch.

If you got really into The Masked Singer earlier this year, you’ll be happy to know there are more celebrities in masks, singing their hearts out. And it is your job (and the celebrity guest panel, too) to figure out who they are.

If you haven’t been paying attention to this season yet, or if you have, we’re here to let you know the Big Reveals and already happening and we now know who the Panda is.

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The whole premise of The Masked Singer is for celebrities to compete in a reality singing competition. But their identities are hidden from the other singers, judges, and the audience. It is based on a South Korean show of the same concept.

The masked celebrities are pitted against each other in a one-on-one singing session. Then the panel of judges and the audience will vote for the favorite. The winner will be safe, but the loser is off the show.

So, when a loser emerges, that is when the audience gets what they’ve been waiting for. After a loss, the masked celebrity will need to take off their mask and reveal who they are!

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The Masked Singer features singer-songwriter Robin Thicke, television personality Jenny McCarthy, actor/comedian Ken Jeong, and recording artist Nicole Scherzinger as the panelists. Nick Cannon is continuing his work as a reality competition host (having previously worked on America’s Got Talent).

In episode two of season two, the Panda was paired up against the Leopard in a sing-off. For their song, they chose to sing “All I Do Is Win” by T-Pain.

Sadly, for them (not us), this song did not bring them a win. Instead, the Panda was voted off and it was their time to reveal who they are.

During the episode, the Panda gave some clues as to who they are. They wrote a note to their “papa bear” saying how much they admired their humble strength.

Pandas reminded them of their father, so they chose a Panda for that exact reason.

They also made a comment about not needing to bang your chest, which made the panelists think that their father must have been an athlete.

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And that guess seemed further reinforced when the Panda said that they learned to fight “full force” and that the competition would be no match for them.

Do you think you know who their father is and who the Panda is? Well, you don’t have to wait any longer. Since the Panda lost, they had to take off their mask.

And the Panda on The Masked Singer is Laila Ali!

Did you guess it based on their singing and the clues they gave? If you caught that bee in the clue video right around the comment about “no match,” you probably had some sort of hunch.

Obviously, it was a reference to Laila’s famous father, Muhammad Ali, who famously said, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

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One Facebook commenter agreed that the clues gave it away:

This one was easy because of her clues, and her voice is very recognizable! I got it right away, and Robin HAD it! I’m surprised none of the judges got it right.

Do you like watching The Masked Singer? Did you guess right?

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Source: FOX/YouTube