Dad asks toddler daughter to sing 'Amazing Grace'– she nails it

August 4th, 2020

Children are our future. Thus, it’s ideal that we teach them all that we can as they continue to grow.

While every child learns at their own pace, there are certain things that experts say that children should know how to do by a certain age.

For example, according to the CDC, children by the age of two should be kick a ball, run, begin to sort out colors and shapes, name items in a picture (like dog, cat, etc.), point out items in a book, say sentences with two to four words, and more.

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Some children may need more time to develop these skills and that’s okay. Others might excel at some of these things early on.

Wherever your child falls on the spectrum, it’s important to work with and encourage them. After all, encouragement can be quite motivating.

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One toddler was just 17-months old when she was captured on video doing some pretty impressive tasks.

A little girl’s father recorded her singing the lyrics to popular songs, “Amazing Grace” and “You Are My Sunshine.” To top it off, the she also counted in Spanish, sang her ABCs, and answered basic math questions.

Not bad for a toddler who isn’t even two-years-old yet!

In the video, the girl stands in front of a white wall where her dad asks her to sing “Amazing Grace.”

Without hesitation (or nerves!), she jumps right into the song. She sings the lyrics clearly and doesn’t miss a beat.

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“Very good,” her father praises as soon as she wraps up the song.

However, he’s barely able to get the words out before she jumps into reciting the alphabet.

This little girl is on a roll!

After she finishes (and yes, she recites the entire alphabet!), her father asks her to sing “You Are My Sunshine.”

Again, she dives right into the song. This just might be her favorite one though because she wears a big smile when her dad requests the tune.

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This time, she finishes the song in dramatic fashion with none other than a pose.

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Next, her father asks if she can count like Dora.

“Yeah,” she answers matter of factly.

“Count like Dora,” he says.

And just like the times before, the energetic toddler jumps in. She immediately begins to count to ten in Spanish!

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Her father helps her along the way as she stumbles on a number or two but it’s impressive nonetheless. Learning a new language can be challenging and it’s great to see her father encouraging the lessons early on.

Lastly, she is given basic math problems to which she knocks right out the park.

“What’s 1+7?” her father asks.

“Eight!” she says.

“What’s 1+19?”


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She solves several math problems without needing much time to think about the answer.

She is already ahead of the curve since many children do not learn the basic math skills until kindergarten or 5-years-old.

It sounds like she has a bright future ahead of her.

We wonder if she chose a career in music or math. Whatever path she chose, we hope that she is thriving!

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You can watch the full video below!

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